Doctoral Thesis

  • Hiroki Teranishi. 2020 Sep. Neural Network Approaches to Coordination Disambiguation.

Master’s Thesis

  • Yoshitaka Sato. 2021 Mar. Pseudo-data generation for grammatical error correction considering learner’s first language.

  • Yuya Sawada. 2021 Mar. Coordination Boundary Identification without Labeled Data for Elliptical Entity Disambiguation.

  • Yushi Hirose. 2021 Mar. Study of integrating embedding and relation path for knowledge graph completion.

  • Yasuhiro Yamaguchi. 2021 Mar. End-to-end Information Extraction with Imbalanced Data Learning Technique.

  • Hikaru Yamada. 2020 Sep. Sarcasm Detection in Conversation Considering Context.

  • Wai Hei Li. 2020 Sep. Generation of Medical Report by Predicting Topic of Sentences.